A man gave his last few dollars to a woman who ran out of gas, and in three months he became wealthy

When Katie, 27, suddenly ran out of gas, she was en route to see a friend. The woman was required to stop on the wrong side of the street.

A man approached the vehicle shortly after and instructed Katie to close all the windows and doors.

The man walked away, but shortly after, he came back carrying a gas can. On it, he used the rest of his money.

If only the guy knew that his deed would make him a fortune in no time at all! Once the car had been recharged, Katie quietly approached her friend, and they started to discuss how to express their gratitude.

He obviously needed money, so the woman set up a GoFundMe account in his honor. Katie went into great detail about what happened.

She claimed that the man living on the streets on assistance is a veteran who needs money and is obliged to do so.

After that, a genuine miracle took place.

Around the course of three months, people from all over the world transferred $400 000 to the veteran’s name!

He first believed we were playing a joke on him, Katie told reporters.

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