A homeless man being cleaned up by barbershop staff before being reunited with his family

Unfortunately, some people find themselves at the bottom of society without a family, a place to live, or a job against their will.

The man has spent many years living on the streets without a roof over his head, but his life has taken a significant turn for the better because of the sympathetic staff at the beauty parlor.

And it all began when he was given a complimentary hairstyle. We asked him if he would want anything to eat when he entered our living room.

Then, adds the owner, ‘we got the bright notion to aid him by offering the man a day of beauty.

The masters volunteered to assist the man change because it was obvious from his appearance that he wanted the best.

We chose to assist this man because he needed it. Over the previous two months, we have gotten to know one another and have seen it before.

Workers at a hair salon tidy up a homeless man and bring him back to his family.

We are thrilled to be able to assist people, no matter who they are, through our various social assistance projects. About two hours were spent on the task.

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