A crocodile is fortunately saved after having a tyre around his neck for a long time

This poor animal had to wear a tire around his neck for the rest of his life. Throughout this time, everyone wanted to assist him. The crocodile was initially spotted a few years back.

Residents in the area have been attempting to help the animal for the past five years. He was also rescued by a skilled crocodile catcher.

The man tried for ten days to catch the reptile but was unsuccessful. A man named Tili sought to help the crocodile two years later. He used chickens and ducks to lure the reptile for three weeks.

In the end, the man used thick nylon ropes to lasso the crocodile after ordinary ropes failed twice. The crocodile was brought ashore by the man and other neighbors.

«It was really heavy,» the hero recalls, «everyone was sweating and quite fatigued.»

The poor animal was freed once the tire was cut. And the brave man turned down the award.

He claimed he was only trying to help a crocodile in distress. We need more people like this in our world in order to save animals in need.

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