A circus tiger cub that was thin and unwell was rescued and cured. She is now completely unrecognisable

The young tiger cub was terribly unwell when the founder of the Wildlife

Rescue Center discovered it. At nine months, Aasha was extremely

emaciated, weighing three times less than her average weight.

Vicki, the center’s director, was concerned about the animal’s condition and couldn’t understand how a nine-month-old cub could be so small and frail.

She contracted ringworm, among other things, and her condition only worsened as a result of the bad care she received. Vikki made the decision to buy the cub and get her out as soon as possible. She was sent to a secluded area.

Her entire body was covered in bald spots caused by matted wool. Her skin had dried up, discoloured, and had sores and abrasions in some spots. She was visited by the veterinarian twice a day, who gave her medication and treated her skin.

She began to appear considerably better after only a month, and two months later, he had entirely stabilized her weight and her fur was practically restored.

After eight months, Aasha had developed into an extraordinary beauty, a

true tigress, and it was clear that she needed to be taken out of her

isolation to see how she would react to the rest of her tribesmen.

Regrettably, the subject of her release to freedom is still being debated, since she may not survive in the wild.

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