A cat approached people herself, asking for help and it worked

A street cat once peered into the courtyard of a private home on one of Krasnodar’s main streets.

She was in a bad shape and definitely in need of assistance. A woman saw the animal and realized she couldn’t drive it away, so she chose to care for it.

She fed the stray cat every day for a month, but she realized she needed veterinary assistance and resorted to volunteers from a nearby shelter. Trunya was given to her as a witty nickname.

The veterinarian then made a diagnosis by which the kitty had to undergo many procedures. Trunya was soon a healthy, well-kept, and adorable cat, ready to meet her family, which she did.

Trunya was picked by a family at a shelter. And we’re overjoyed that this fluffy, magnificent cat, who has had so many challenges in her life, will finally be able to live a happy life.

There are many animals that need our assistance. Even giving them a single bread will make them happy and will help them to keep going on.

We should not leave them when they need us the most.

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