A car and a large sum of money were given to the elderly in exchange for a cat, but friends are not for sale

Lyovka, a cat, is extremely intelligent and knows a large number of commands, which she executed flawlessly.

And it was his master who taught him this. A cat was born in Mongolia, and it was the only one of the litter to live.

And the mother cat wandered away from home with her sole cub, eventually settling near the military base.

There, the adorable cat encountered Peter, who assumed responsibility for him and grew so devoted to him that he carried him back to his hometown of Kallinigrad after completing his service.

They were just inseparable and spent every waking moment together.

The retired military guy expertly trained the cat, and the entire city was enthralled by his tricks.

People have even offered to buy such a well-trained pet for a significant sum — half a million rubles plus a car — but the retiree has simply declined.

He claimed that Lyova is a friend and family member, not a product for sale. Reading this story made me emotional, because friends are not for sale and they are worth everything in this world.

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