A 2-year-old boy has had his skull reconstructed. He was given a puppy that looks exactly like him

Due to the high pressure of fluid on his brain, this kid underwent skull surgery.

The mission was a success. And as a reward for his bravery, the boy’s parents decided to bring him a puppy. The two became inseparable friends almost immediately.

After a few days, though, the parents discovered something unusual about the new pet.

«Thanos snoozed a lot and swayed a little. «On occasion, he even fell while walking,» the boy’s mother adds.

The puppy, it turned out, had fluid in the brain, and the doctor told the family that the dog might need the same treatment as their son, which included surgery to alleviate pressure on the puppy’s head.

Because veterinary laboratories in the area were closed owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the dog’s test results were delayed. Meanwhile, concerned neighbors began donating money to cover solely the cost of the dog’s likely procedure.

«You have no clue how much this means to us,» the boy’s mother stated. «My husband’s income is our only source of money for our family of five.» We didn’t know where to seek money for our dog’s surgery after what we went through with our child. «It’s really a miracle,» she explained.

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