79 year old De Niro reports the name of his infant girl while sharing a sweet first photograph

The actor is extremely tough. Over the weekend, he casually mentioned that he had just given birth to his seventh child.

It is interesting to note that the child’s mother was unknown at this point. The Hollywood star, in general, piqued interest in his personality.

He also laid out all the cards later, right on the TV show’s air. After 20 years of marriage, he divorced his second wife in 2018.

He didn’t say anything about his status in the future. The actor has been photographed on multiple occasions walking with Tifany Chen, with whom he collaborated on the 2015 film The Intern.

However, they didn’t show any serious signs. Naturally, the birth of a child is an excellent opportunity to declassify the incident after so many years.

However, despite his previous experience as a father, he was impatiently waiting for his daughter’s birth.

On April 6th, a girl with a weight of 3.7 kilograms was born.

Incidentally, the contrast between the more seasoned and more youthful offspring of the entertainer is 51 years of age. This sounds like a great script for reality TV.

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