110-year-old tree in a woman’s yard is transformed into a magical little free library that went viral

A 110-year-old tree near the house was lovingly cared for by a woman by the name of Sharaee Hermitage and transformed into an outdoor miniature library.

You won’t be able to access it, but books can be taken from there with ease. This design is very stunning!

Oregon resident Sharaee offered the tree adjacent to her home a second chance at life.

She transformed a tree into a miniature library, filling it with free books for nearby residents, bystanders, and anyone else who so desired.

The take-share philosophy supports the library.

Anyone who wants to read, whether they are in search of a particular book or author, just passing the time while they are waiting for a buddy, or simply wanting to read outside, takes a book from our free library.

Sharaee was successful in putting her ideas into practice.

And it came out in such beautiful splendor.

Over 75,000 little street libraries have been organized with the assistance of this team in more than 80 different nations.

The book point has both inner and external lighting, which effectively creates a mystical effect.

Already, the little library resembles a genuine magical mansion from a storybook.

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