Rescued cougar could not go back in the wild, so she became a house cat

This couple has an interesting pet that they keep in their apartment. Medis is a huge cougar that weighs 50kg.

Medis’ owners came across him in a zoo. He was only eight months old at the time, and he was part of a litter of three cubs in the zoo.

Medis was sold when he was three months old and was already being treated for health issues.

The couple fell in love with the cougar right away and decided to buy her back.

The wife convinces her husband that he has long desired a large cat, but that he was given a lynx instead, which turned out to be a cougar.

For three days, the couple debated whether they were capable of taking on such a task.

Medis requires a lot of care, training, and special warm clothing , and his owners claim that he has dog-like tendencies.

Medis was formerly inactive, but now he enjoys going for walks and has them scheduled twice a day.

He is now a complete family member who does not present any issues for the owners.

He is sociable and outgoing, and he gets along well with others.

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