While monitoring his tires, a truck driver discovered an orphaned baby aardvark coiled around one of them

When a truck driver went to check his truck’s tires to start the day, he was surprised to see a peculiar small critter coiled around one of the enormous tires. When the motorist got a closer look, he saw that the surprise visitor was a baby aardvark.

The first thing the driver did was hunt for the small creature’s mother, but she was nowhere to be seen.

The truck driver raced to aid the newborn animal, carefully removing him and loading him into his vehicle. As soon as they got to his workplace, the driver summoned the assistance of the local veterinarian.

The vet was overjoyed and eager to care for the small creature, ready to shower him with love and warmth. She fell in love with the little animal at first sight.

At the rehabilitation center, the animal got not only care and attention, but also love and devotion.

He began to gain weight as soon as he was administered bottled milk.

The animal rapidly acclimated to his new existence, befriending two rescued canines who helped him overcome his loss.

Dogs played with the animal as if he were a puppy. They enjoyed playing with him and caring for him. The animal was ready to be reintroduced into the wild after five months of therapy. But he returned every day to visit his beloved caregiver and pals.

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