When their pet chicken birthed a duck, the owners were taken aback

It all started during the epidemic with boredom. A pair was seeking for something to do to kill time.

Animal enthusiasts decided to extend the farm by bringing six ducks and three chickens of the rare silk breed into the house.

Chickens and ducks kept a respectful distance from each other and avoided interfering in each other’s business.

The wife was startled to see that a chicken was hatching a duck egg! «We were foolish enough to believe that nothing would happen.»

The hen’s owners made the decision to leave her alone. The hen lay seven eggs shortly after being discovered, and eight have since hatched.

The husband realized that the first chicken egg had given birth in December. The eggs began to shatter one by one in a warm atmosphere.

After a while, the last egg’s shell cracked, and a small duckling emerged. The infant identified the hen as his mother right away and welcomed her wholeheartedly.

Even though he doesn’t fit in, he seeks to get under his mother’s wing! When the mother hen grew too agitated, she was eventually returned to the coop. However, the duckling and its chicken siblings were unaffected.

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