We’ve never heard of a multilingual parrot before, yet a parrot has returned after being away for several years and speaks another language

We know that parrots can communicate. However, I’ve never heard of a multilingual parrot before, but this one convinced me otherwise.

This parrot vanished from his California owner’s home. Four years later, the man was surprised to see his bird, which had been discovered in the same city.

The parrot, however, has a distinct accent this time. The gray parrot spoke English when he flew away, but when he was discovered, he was speaking Spanish. The parrot was discovered by a lady who runs a dog grooming facility.

«It was the happiest bird I’d ever seen.» He sang and chatted erratically. The woman initially assumed it was a lost pet from an advertisement she had seen. However, following a trip to the veterinarian, the woman realized her error and set out to find her actual owner.

«When I arrived, I said, ‘Did you lose a bird?'» At first, he replied no. However, he mistook my meaning and assumed I meant recently. «He stared at me as if I were insane,» the lady explained.

«It’s pretty odd, I knew it was him from the minute I saw him,» the guy said, adding that he had no clue where his pet bird had been for the last four years. Despite his accent, the owner’s joy was palpable when he discovered his bird. He stated, «He’s totally well.»

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