Unharmed, a dog miraculously survives a fall from a 170-foot cliff

An animal welfare organization shared on Facebook the remarkable rescue of a dog who fell from a high cliff. During a stroll, his dog pursued a lizard, slipped, and went down a cliff, according to the owner. The man was braced for the worst.

He summoned a rescue squad, who explored the region but were unable to locate the dog. On the other side, they came across visitors who claimed to have seen a dog matching the description in the forest. The owner and the Rescue Team proceeded to the coordinates given.

There was no question that the dog had been severely hurt, if not already dead. What was the rescuers’ amazement when the dog came out safe and sound? That was amazing!

The dog flew 170 feet from a vertical cliff and had no fractures. The canine was inspected. Experts concluded that the dog showed no evidence of significant internal organ injury or trauma.

The dog was relieved to be found. He cheerfully wagged his tail and reacted to everybody. When it was determined that the dog did not require medical attention, he was returned to his owner.

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