Two superb photographers captured the breathtaking moment when a flock of starlings forms a massive bird over a lake

One witness described the event as «appearing like a big bird.» Ireland is a natural wonder, and thanks to two photographers, we can appreciate its beauty.

A large swarm of starlings changed into what everyone thought was a giant bird hovering over a lake, as captured by these two photographers. The scene is breathtaking, and it’s hard to believe such a thing could happen.

The photographer who captured the image was named Photographer of the Year.He claimed that he had been on the lookout for something special for months and that his search had finally paid off. He said, «Such a lovely sight, so close to home.»

What causes anything like this to happen? Small birds that assemble in such clusters have a better chance of surviving. Peregrine falcons, for example, have a far harder time capturing and shooting someone in a group.

Another reason for flock formation is that it keeps them warm at night and lets them communicate about food and other matters. In some flocks, up to 100,000 starlings cluster. Simply fantastic. The photographers put in a fantastic job.

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