Two hikers were taken aback when they were followed to the summit of a mountain by a stray cat

In Switzerland, two hikers ascended Mount Britsen.

The boys heard a cat meow in the jungle at 4:30 a.m. This astonished and even scared them at first. Following that, a striped kitten approached them, asking for petting and refusing to leave the hikers.

The tourists couldn’t quit the path or leave the cat to its destiny because the peak was still about 7,500 feet away As a result, the four-legged followed them a long distance upward.

«We were perplexed to say the least. I really felt bad for the cat. «On the ridge under the top, she was very fatigued,» one of the climbers stated.

Kitty was exhausted, so we would occasionally take her in our arms or place her on top of their bags.

The mountain’s ice coating was causing the cat’s paws to bleed. Finally, the trekkers came across walkers descending down the plain towards the city. This is the group to whom they gave the cat.

The proprietors were already anticipating her arrival. Kitty had gone missing for four days, it turned out.

She had also visited the top with other tour groups two days prior. That is, the cat scaled the mountain multiple times before meeting the owners.

«Animals are odd creatures. They’re also a lot tougher than humans. They have no intention of giving up. Despite the fact that they hurt,» summed up one of the guys.

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