To protect her animals from the cold, a woman creates an unusual zoo with a variety of animals inside her home

When a snowstorm reached Texas towards the end of the winter, it brought with it unprecedented frosts for the region. For a month, a resident housed dozens of animals of different shapes and sizes in her home to keep them safe from the outdoors. She felt well-prepared in the event of a natural calamity.

She stocked up on supplies and bought home and animal enclosure air warmers. When the hurricane hit, however, the power plants fell out of service, and the residences lost power.

All animals would perish if humans did not intervene. So, one by one, she brought in the reptiles and the newborns, who were particularly vulnerable to the freezing temperatures.

She was only able to breathe again once all of the creatures that may be gravely harmed by the frost were safely under her house’s roof. Her little home has become a haven for a variety of unusual creatures.

Surprisingly, all living species united beneath one roof and behaved extremely calmly, as if knowing the danger lurking behind the walls of a makeshift refuge.

They huddled around the living room fireplace, virtually crawling on top of one other, and didn’t even consider fighting.

Neighbors, aware of the family’s difficulties, provided food and attempted to assist with tasks at the shelter.

The neighbors are really thankful to the family; without their assistance, things would have been much more difficult for them. They grew so close with some of them that they now converse regularly.

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