This is a cute baby calf who was raised with three dogs and thinks he’s one of them

On a dairy farm, this cow was born. He was frail and frail, and the calf was destined to be slaughtered. When a local person learned of this, he interfered in the small calf’s fate.

She purchased the animal and brought it to her property. The calf required special attention and feeding, but experienced farmers understood what to do and took care of him with the help of a local veterinarian.

On the farm, the baby became close to the dogs, to the point where he began to think of them as his siblings and himself as a puppy.

He did everything the dogs did, including playing catch with them, drinking from their bowls, and sleeping on their beds with his muzzle on his front legs, not like a cow.

He requested that his ear be scratched, which cows almost never do. He formed a strong bond with a canine companion. The dog treated the calf as if it were his own, and when he was sick, he stayed by his side for hours.

Little cow was confined to a playhouse in the backyard due to the farm’s location in a rolling flatland where coyotes and cougars live. But he was always peering through the windows, envious of the dogs who were let inside.

The woman left the entrance to the courtyard open by accident one day, and when she returned, she found a really amusing scene. Since then, the cow has been sleeping on the couch with his brother and best friend on a regular basis.

Fortunately for the calf, no one can resist his allure, so his owners are quick to forgive him and try to laugh at his antics. He was fortunate to be in capable hands.

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