This dog was discovered during one of the largest dog fighting raids in history

In many places of the world, dog fighting is already deemed unlawful. While some countries still permit it and consider it lawful, it does not change the reality that it makes dogs’ lives a living hell.

Some people are simply callous, allowing themselves to sit and watch these helpless dogs try to tear each other apart until one of them succumbs.

Fortunately, this dog was one of hundreds that were spared from ring punishment. He’s actually one of the rescued dogs’ youngest, and he’s since become the face of abused canines. It didn’t take long for the dog to receive assistance.

The first person to try to place him in foster care was a lady. Unfortunately, they were unable to live together because the dog and his baby could not reside in the same house.

But the assistance didn’t end there, as a pair stepped in to assist. There’s no doubt that the couple wanted to adopt the puppy, but there were two requirements that had to be met before they could do so.

To begin with, the small pittie had to be good with kids because they were already expecting twins and he would soon be their uncle. Finally, the couple wanted to make sure everything was fine for the dog and his family!

A new family has arrived, as well as a new home for the dog. Without a doubt, the dog seemed to get along with every child he encountered. The couple became his lawful human companions for the rest of his life.

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