This couple’s kindest reaction to a stray puppy that crashed their wedding has gone viral

If the wedding is ruined, it is usually due to unwanted distant relatives or an immoral person looking for free beverages. The wedding of this couple, however, was disrupted by a stray dog.

In So Paulo, Brazil, Marlia and Matheus married in an outdoor ceremony. The visitors and they were forced to seek shelter under an awning due to the rain.

Everything went according to plan until a stray dog (presumably seeking cover from the rain) walked to the altar instead of the bride.

The dog was hauled away, and the young people were about to make their vows when the dog reappeared, boldly laying down on Marlia’s veil. What transpired could have ruined any girl’s mood, but not Marlia’s.

According to the girl, the dog is now an official wedding guest.

«It was a thrill for me because I adore animals,» Marlia explained.

The newlyweds planned to acquire a dog and bring him to them after the party, but he simply vanished. The pair went on the hunt for him, seeking a dog all around the city.

And their efforts paid off: they discovered it! Marlia and Matheus gave the dog the name Snoop and adopted him into their new family.

«I completely washed him.» The first night, he slept soundly. «He appears to be in a good mood,» Marlia observes.

«We’re all overjoyed.»

Let’s applaud Snoop for finding a family and finding the proper place to wait out the rain.

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