The vet who saved the life of a dog lying on the side of the road adopts him

A driver came across a dog on the side of the road that couldn’t stand and was in desperate need of help. The man surrendered the dog to a shelter. The poor puppy, who was just a year old, was terribly undernourished.

The team wasn’t sure if he’d make it through the night, but thanks to Dr. Lily and the rest of the medical team, he not only survived, but also found his permanent home.

He was given round-the-clock attention, medicinal baths, and numerous little meals, and he gradually recovered.

He’s gained weight, regrows his hair, and has won the heart of his veterinarian in the last two weeks.

The doctor decided to adopt him because of their strong affinity. The shelter announced the wonderful news, stating the adoption day.

The touching event was broadcasted, allowing all supporters and admirers who had been following the dog’s story to see the joyful ending. The puppy and her mother were dressed alike, and it was evident that they adored each other.

The entire family already adores him and is overjoyed to welcome him into the fold. In a family of other guys, he joins three human siblings, two extra dogs, two cats, and a bunny.

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