The shelter pit-bull believes he is a cat, and his new family posts photos to prove it

No one will be able to give an accurate answer to the question of who is the boss of the house. Furthermore, the responses vary and, at times, are completely unexpected.

But two sisters are certain, and the answer will surprise you. The two sisters initially took in two cats, but then decided to take in a dog as well, and thus took in the shelter dog Mako.

However, it became clear that the cats were not going to delegate the rights to the newly arrived guest, and they clearly did not want to cause a scandal.

They adopted a cunning attitude, and the sisters soon noticed that the pit bull began to adopt cat habits and manners. Because the dog had a friendly and easygoing personality, he was quickly swayed.

The girls were initially concerned that conflicts between the animals would arise. Surprisingly, cats began to dictate the terms of such a powerful breed as a pit bull.

The dog evolved into a cat-like creature over time. He jumped on the windowsill, the countertop, and even the refrigerator with ease. He eats and sleeps with his moustachioed companions, and the owners are overjoyed at such a touching friendship.

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