The hospital hires a dog to work, and his major responsibility is to meet other staff while they are at work

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, hospitals all around the world are in a precarious position.

This entire situation puts physicians and patients under stress, deteriorating their health.

However, a cheerful attitude is a direct predictor of patient recovery.

As a result, it was decided to use dogs in clinics, which, according to study, alleviate tension, anxiety, and loneliness. A physician posted a photo of a cute dog that the hospital had recruited on her social media page a while back.

She is vaccinated, well-dressed, healthy, pleasant, and sociable. And all this cute puppy has to do is welcome the personnel at the medical facility when they arrive for work.

When this photo was shared, numerous physicians commented in the comments that such dogs also serve at their hospitals.

They are quite attractive to both physicians and patients, and are excellent for lifting their spirits.

Some critics lamented the fact that their hospitals lacked such fluffy and pleasant workers. After all, such staff are worth their weight in gold, thus managers and regular employees should take excellent care of them so that the animals at the hospital are warm and comfortable at all times.

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