The engagement ring was displayed for the first time by Rlta Ora

One of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples knows a lot about effective public relations.

She and her fiance literally reveal small details about their secret wedding from last year, piqueing the interest of fans.

The singer brought an engagement ring to the Fallon show a few days ago.

You won’t believe it, but Rita chose the ring. She took him to a jewelry store rather than relying on her lover’s insight.

I was aware that I had a strong desire to be with this person. Additionally, ‘I wanted him to feel right,’ the skilled singer stated.

So I went to the store with him and demonstrated precisely what kind of ring I wanted. We have to say that the star tastes great.

This ornament costs anywhere from 400 million to 500 million dollars.

When selecting an engagement ring, emeralds always have a symbolic meaning: The jeweler continued, ‘These stones have been regarded as a symbol of good luck in everything since ancient times.’

I do it out of love for you and the belief that you are an important part of our relationship: Every night, we watch your program.

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