The dog noticed that her pregnant owner was taking an unusually long shower and went to see whether everything was okay

This dog has been with the owner since he was a puppy and is quite connected to him.

She fell in love with the young man’s bride as soon as he married. Between the girl and the pet, a warm attachment has developed.

As a result, the dog is always checking to see if the owner is safe and pleased.

The dog has become her defender and guards her at all times, according to the man’s wife, especially when her husband is not there.

The dog decided one day that she had to be with the owner at all times, no matter where she went.

Regardless of what happens, the dog keeps her gaze fixed on the woman. The girl was recently taking a shower while the dog sat nearby.

After a while, the pet noticed that the woman had been there for an unusually long time, so she approached her to see whether everything was in order.

The dog decided that merely looking at the owner wasn’t enough, so she went inside and sat down until the girl finished washing.

Probably, the pet thought it was essential to take matters into her own hands and keep the woman under constant surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is most likely how the dog will act until the baby is born.

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