The cutest travel buddy: With his best friend to his back, a man travels the globe

This man enjoys traveling a lot, but he dislikes leaving his best friend, a dog named Broody, behind.

So, the man made the decision one day to buy the dog a special backpack so that he could go on adventures with him.

Now, the friends travel the world together and win the hearts of millions of social media followers.

The owner quit his job as an accountant and business consultant to spend more time traveling.

Naturally, the dog did not have to leave anything behind. But he had to put up with wearing a helmet and special goggles.

However, the fact that they always pet him behind the ear and proclaim that he is the most beautiful and good boy in the world makes him only happy.

I am acutely aware that my closest friend is behind me. As a result, we only ride our bikes once every two weeks and in the most quiet locations.

To avoid issues on the roads, we also try to show up on the street after hours, ‘the owner said.

We hope that this lovely couple will have many more enjoyable experiences and happy moments in the future.

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