The 10-month-old dog’s natural lashes are so long that people who don’t know her think they’re not real

People are taken aback and unable to ignore a dog by the name of Walter. All in light of the remarkable outside highlights of the canine.

Walter has long eyelashes that can look like extensions, making him a dog with the most stunning eyes.

However, Cloe , his owner, claims that he has always had them like that. Despite only being 10 months old, the dog has been living with Cloe ever since he was a young boy.

The woman, who works as a cleaner, couldn’t pass up a gorgeous puppy. Walter has the best lashes around.

Cloe commented, ‘They’re so long and curled.’ The dog takes a lot of time from his owner to give him a thorough brushing and bath every day.

He quickly became accustomed to the fact that such a dog draws a lot of attention.

Cloe stated, ‘He’s a very cheeky and sweet dog who loves getting attention from people on our walks.’

Veterinarians say that shortening the dog’s eyelashes is better for the dog. Cloe, on the other hand, is confident that regular upkeep will help her avoid these issues.

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