Photographer catches a breathtaking moment when hummingbird wings morph into rainbows, a rare encounter that makes them even more precious

A guy was sitting on his porch enjoying the day when he spotted the extraordinary sight! When sunrises touch a hummingbird’s wings
(while in flight), the tiniest little things instantaneously seem to be a rainbow.

When the man saw the odd look, he was watching a black hummingbird. This is known as a prism effect, and it is doubtful that human eyes will see it. He has long been attracted by these rainbow jewels, and some of his photographs of hummingbirds were featured in a short film in 2011.

According to its renown, it was a huge success (it won 10 international awards including that of best film). It’s the first time he’s observed the amazing prism effect.

Years later, though, he went back to photograph it again. «I decided to use my camera to shoot the same phenomena,» the photographer explained.

«There is no special process here, simply light diffraction across the wings of this unique hummingbird.» However, it is undeniably a natural secret that cannot be seen with our eyes. Scroll down to see some of his stunning photographs!

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