Mom informs her family that their cat has passed away, but when the pet reappears, she finds she has mistakenly buried a rabbit

The cat, alive and unhurt, could not comprehend her owner’s excitement and had no idea that she had been buried in the garden only a few hours before.

When a woman’s pet cat died, she couldn’t help but be worried. Her husband immediately discovered the bones of an animal not far from the home, which had obviously been hit by a car.

The woman was overcome with sadness. She adored her cat and wanted to hold a heartfelt funeral ceremony to properly send her pet off on her final trip.

To the disappointed owner’s loud sobs, the cat was buried in the garden. What a shock it was for the woman when she returned home to find her cat only a few hours later.

The cat was safe and sound, and she didn’t appear to comprehend her owner’s joyous demeanor. The buried animal’s body had to be dug up and sent to the veterinarian.

The woman thought that the microchip would allow the doctor to identify the owner of the deceased cat.

The clinic, however, discovered an unexpected truth: it’s a rabbit, not a cat!

The doctor advised that the family cremate the animal’s ashes, but the mother refused, claiming that she had already prepared a lovely cemetery for the sad creature in her yard.

A second funeral was held on the same day. The unlucky bunny is currently resting in an apartment building’s backyard.

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