Meet nature’s most opulent bird, which bears no resemblance to an ordinary pigeon

Some people believe that nature is the greatest artist on the planet, and we completely agree. Today, we’d like to teach you about the pigeon, which is unquestionably one of the most beautiful birds on the planet.

When we hear the word «pigeon,» we think of a common bird that can be found in practically every country. But this pigeon isn’t your average pigeon; it’s quite lovely and quite enormous.

Bright blue feathers and a lovely tufted head distinguish this pigeon species. Furthermore, these pigeons are huge, with some reaching the size of a typical turkey.

The crowned pigeon is primarily a land bird that looks like a pheasant, but it will fly up to the lower limbs of trees and flail its wings loudly if it senses even a minor threat.

Birds eat fallen fruits, seeds, and berries because they reside primarily on the ground, and they occasionally eat snails and small invertebrates.

These pigeons normally live in pairs and lay one, or occasionally two, eggs. These pigeons, in turn, lay eggs. The female spends most of her time on the nest at night, while the male spends most of his time on it during the day.

Male pigeons have an unusual technique of looking after ladies. Drumming, cooing, bowing to their mistress, and lowering their tail to the ground are some of the sounds they produce.

Sadly, the population of crowned pigeons is fast dwindling. The causes for this, as always, are rather straightforward: human-caused bird extinction and habitat destruction.

The dilemma is made worse by the fact that these pigeons are almost fearless towards humans. Poachers know how to take advantage of this. This species is now considered uncommon and vulnerable.

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