Kuuno, a brave dog with prosthetic paws who survived gunshots to save others, has been granted the highest animal honor

He operated with special troops in Afghanistan. During the mission, the dog assisted the British forces in every way imaginable and once saved their lives.

The courageous dog won a medal from the country’s government for his bravery.

It is also an award for bravery displayed in a combat scenario.

When soldiers were ambushed by radicals in Afghanistan in 2019, the dog was near to a special forces unit. The British troops were encircled and unable to advance.

Kuuno, who has been trained to incapacitate hostile soldiers, hurled himself into a shower of bullets in order to take down the gunman. As a result, his unit was able to effectively execute the task. Unfortunately, the brave dog was injured in the back legs.

As they flew back to base, his mentor and doctors had to help him in a helicopter.

Because the dog had sustained several injuries, he was taken to the United Kingdom for treatment. Fortunately, vets were able to preserve the dog’s life.

However, in order to keep the illness from spreading, surgeons had to amputate his rear limb.

Kuuno became the first military dog in the UK to get custom-made prosthesis to replace a lost paw and assist a damaged limb after undergoing therapy.

Kuuno altered the course of the mission and saved the lives of British soldiers.

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