Huge dog is terrified of boxes, darkness, and an elderly cat, and only his blanket can help him survive

Shauna’s dog appears to be enormous. He weighs 110 pounds at one year old and will be as tall as an adult if he stands on his hind legs.

Despite this, the dog is terrified of numerous things. According to the dog’s owner, the pet is scared of boxes, darkness, bags, and even the presence of an elderly cat.

A blanket, on the other hand, helps him overcome his concerns. The dog clings to it with his teeth or embraces it. Furthermore, he may carry it with him and refuses to let it go.

The owner brought home a tiny fleece blanket when the dog was a puppy.

She intended to use it to clean her dog’s paws after a stroll. The dog, on the other hand, had different ideas. When he woke up, he grabbed the blanket between his teeth and dragged it around the house and backyard with him.

As a result, in order to have a replacement, the owner had to purchase a couple more like ones.

The blanket appears to be assisting the dog in gaining bravery. Despite the fact that the dog is hundreds of times larger than squirrels and bunnies, he is terrified of them.

Despite this, the dog is a wonderful companion that adores every member of his family.

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