How to pose like a celebrity and appear your best in photos is explained by this expert

Although the attitude undoubtedly attracts attention, Maria pointed out that if performed incorrectly, it may also appear incredibly unnatural in images.

Her expertise is helpful in this regard. On February 7, Maria began her video with the instructions, ‘Stand at a 45-degree angle.’

Aside from being the most generally attractive posture for photographs, posing at a 45-degree angle makes your pose look more elegant and less rectangular.

Additionally, rather than just standing there, it appears that you are posing right away, she continued. Regarding the number two?

She recommended you to embrace your sides, especially if you wanted to change the shape of your body.

Instead of letting your arms rest freely, you will slightly raise them at the wrists and elbows.

You can embrace the lower half of your body by lowering at the wrist; this will showcase your contours and open up space.

Her third suggestion might require some practice in front of the mirror, but if you get it, it will significantly alter how you play.

‘Shift your shoulders,’ she commanded. Consider bringing one shoulder down while bringing the other back.

As a result, your pose’s line will have an additional curve, increasing its mobility.

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