For ‘one last adventure,’ a man drags his beloved dying dog up the mountain in a wheelbarrow

Dogs are devoted companions who will never abandon you. For ten years, a London hotelier traveled with his dog, until a serious illness forced them to part ways.

He has had the pet for ten years. The man and the dog became fast friends and toured across the United Kingdom together.

However, the dog became ill 18 months ago. A catastrophic diagnosis was made by veterinarians. The dog initially reacted well to treatment, but it became evident that the buddies would have to be separated sooner or later.

The man decided to go on «one last excursion together» with his pet. He needed to go to the Welsh town, which is surrounded by a number of magnificent peaks.

The man brought a wheelbarrow with him, filled it with cozy blankets, and loaded the dog into it, taking him to view the breathtaking scenery.

His gesture was rapidly seen by the network, but he soon received awful news: the dog had succumbed to the sickness.

The guy, on the other hand, is happy that he did everything he could for his friend and smiles as he recalls enjoyable vacations with his dog.

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