Even though she is blanketed in snow, this incredible eagle mother defends her nest

The mother is willing to go to any length to protect her future children. Even after the nest was nearly completely covered in snow, the female bald eagle refused to leave! She continued to reheat the eggs, though, in order for the chicks to see the light.

Ornithologists have long used cameras to monitor how these lovely birds raise their young. This year, though, viewers were more concerned than normal about them.

The mother was unable to move since the winter was brutally cold and the nest was snow-covered. Male eagles are in charge of feeding, collecting fish and small animals, while female eagles spend 80 percent of their time sitting on eggs.

Once the eagles have placed their eggs, they are unable to leave their nest alone.

In a snowstorm, hailstorm, or neck-deep snow, the mother eagle would perch on her eggs to keep them warm.

The eagle fluffed her feathers and burst the shackles when she was completely immersed in snow.

Before returning to the nest, she flipped the eggs using her beak and enormous claws.

And she had to wait a little longer for her watch to expire because the chicks were due to arrive in a week.

Newborn chicks will spend three months in the nest while their parents feed them. They will then need to be trained to fly.

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