Because his owner’s service dog got him through graduate school, the university gave him his own degree

A dog received a diploma from a university in a serious ceremony. The dog and his owner each obtained a master’s degree. Few people are aware that the dog had to put in a lot of effort on his journey to graduation.

A picture of a good (and also educated!) boy got many views and hundreds of positive comments.

However, there is a lengthy history of his work behind the touching images of the dog, pushing us to confirm that dogs are truly man’s greatest companions.

The owner of the retriever was diagnosed with complicated regional pain syndrome when he was 16 years old. She is in chronic discomfort as a result of her condition and is confined to a wheelchair.

The puppy was given to the girl by an organization, which offers people with highly trained dogs to assist them in their daily lives. Several years ago, the dog had an important mission: to accompany the girl to another state, as she began university.

And, because the girl required the dog’s assistance throughout her studies, the retriever began to accompany her to class. According to the educational institution’s letter, the couple attended lectures, seminars, and worked on projects together.

Together with the owner, he assisted in the rehabilitation of soldiers suffering from physical and mental diseases.

All of these qualities enabled representatives from the educational institution to authorize the dog’s receiving of a diploma.

The young lady plans to work as an occupational therapist with veterans and retired military personnel. Simultaneously, the dog will assist the female in her activities.

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