Because he believes he is a zebra, an ostrich is being evacuated from a safari park

For the ostrich that lives in a safari park, the demands of motherhood have proven daunting.

Instead of sitting on the eggs, he opted to join the zebra herd, which caused major complications.

The ostrich will now be forced to leave the safari park. He’ll be moved to a different park, and a more balanced man will take his place.

Female ostriches deposit a dozen eggs at a time twice a year. The couple alternates sitting on the eggs, with the females sitting on the eggs during the day and the males sitting on the eggs at night. The ostrich, on the other hand, violated the routine by running across zebra fields instead of fulfilling his parental duties.

The eggs froze, and the safari park workers sought to figure out why the bird was acting so strangely.

This year, they are already keen to see offspring. Meanwhile, the ostrich appeared to be in excellent health.

He joined a herd of twelve zebras, who welcomed him with unexpected calm.

The ostrich ate grass with them, strolled beside them, and even waggled its tail.

Females even let the bird approach their foals quietly. This unusual conduct shocked the caregivers just as much as the ostrich himself.

«The ostrich was experiencing an identity problem. This is the first time a bird has developed such an identification issue. «Perhaps the ostrich doesn’t like girls,» the caregivers joke.

Or, perhaps, the young bird was just unprepared for fatherhood and didn’t know what to do? According to the most probable explanation, the ostrich’s odd conduct stems from the fact that zebras predominate in the safari park, and he simply chose to join the dominant group and replicate their behavior.

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