After surviving 17 rounds of chemotherapy and defeating cancer, a rescue dog is finally adopted

Volunteers discovered this small dog on the street. Ticks were all over the dog’s body, and his paws were bloody. When he was taken to the vet, it was discovered that the four-legged had a malignant tumor as well.

The dog is suffering from a nasty infection that affects blood cells. It weakens the body’s defenses, allowing infections to take hold. Doctors added weekly sessions after treating the condition to help decrease the edema.

The dog was cared for and stayed with a foster household while having treatment. All of the operations were completed without incident, and the dog remained quiet throughout. He seems to recognize their desire to assist him.

When the dog recovered, everyone who assisted with the therapy decided to throw a party for him. They made a liver cake, topped it with a birthday candle, and donned party hats. The volunteers then informed the dog that he may begin looking for a real family.

There were folks who wanted to pick up the dog a week later. The dog is now content in his new home with a caring family.

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