After removing a lot of fur from a cat, she was adopted 2 days later

It was impossible to tell what sort of animal was hidden behind this mound of matted fur by looking at it. What a bother it was to carry such a weight!

An animal whose owner had died was in severe need of assistance, according to a call to the emergency veterinary service.

An unnamed animal was brought to the shelter a few hours later, concealed beneath kilos of unclean matted fur. It was evident from a feeble meow that it was a cat!

The poor critter was in such bad shape that the medical professionals didn’t know where to begin. It was one of the most neglected instances physicians had to deal with, according to doctors.

The cat seemed unfazed by the discomfort and pain, which is unusual because cats are normally frightened even by a basic haircut. The painful treatment lasted approximately an hour, and the 4-year-old cat was finally free of the load she had carried for years.

A lovely and peaceful creature lurked behind a mound of tangled fur. The cat was really cuddly, thanking everyone for their assistance.

All of the legalities were completed in two days, and the animal was delivered to its new owners. The cat is in good spirits and eager to resume her active and joyous life, which she has been denied for many years.

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