After being rescued by a loving woman the elephant recovered and now follows her everywhere

Some people interpret the term «pet» to include not only cats and dogs, but also any other animal, including a wild animal. What about an elephant, for example?

When a caring woman saved the life of a baby elephant, she took care of all of her needs and took the large baby into her home.

The elephant is a 15-month-old baby elephant. Over the course of 20 years, the woman worked as an orphanage caregiver, assisting various orphaned wild creatures. The woman and her crew rescued and cared for a variety of animals at their rehabilitation center, from large wild cats to birds and monkeys.

But one of them, a rescued baby elephant, captured her heart. The elephant had only been alive for a few days when the rescuers discovered her. The newborn animal’s life was in jeopardy, and no one believed she would make it. The little defenseless creature, on the other hand, was a fierce warrior.

Thanks to the woman’s kind heart, efforts, and love, she overcame the problems she faced and totally recovered, thanks to her kind heart, endeavors, and love, who did everything she could to alter the life of this large baby.

The elephant is now in fantastic health and follows her favorite person around everywhere she goes.

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