A woman devotes her life to providing a caring home for sick and disadvantaged animals in their last days

Michele has a long history in the film industry. Although she is busy, the woman found time to care for animals with impairments or fatal diseases.

At the sanctuary, they will find delicious food, medical attention, comfy beds, and a lot of love and care.

Unfortunately, some of them don’t have time to appreciate their living conditions and pass away as soon as they arrive at the shelter; but they pass happy in the arms of volunteers who embrace them until the very last second.

One of the shelter’s inhabitants is a cat with a sad past. Despite all that had happened to him, the poor cat did not lose confidence in humans. He is a kind and friendly pet who responds well to care.

In a bunch of street cats, another cat was discovered. She acquired a fungus that eats a portion of her nose.

The woman can only take a certain number of animals, but she offers them the greatest possible living circumstances.

Some are lucky enough to be placed in excellent hands, while others are doomed to spend the rest of their lives behind the sanctuary’s walls, yet these will be their best days.

Michele claims that special cats are frequently undervalued. «All they need is a little more of your patience, love, and care.»

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