A stray cat loses her ears due to an illness, but she receives a fashionable crocheted set and a lifelong home

Animals with notably different characteristics, whether hereditary or acquired via trauma, constantly pique our interest.

Due to medical reasons, she was left without ears, but kind-hearted folks tried new ones for her.

Meet this cat, whose veterinarians removed his ear flaps owing to serious recurrent infections and hematomas.

Her ear flaps had to be removed surgically. Shelter employees, on the other hand, claim that she can hear even better than before.

Her ear canals were blocked as a result of repeated infections.

She was taken care of by staff after a few weeks in the organization, and she soon got a new set of ears and her perfect fit, a permanent home and a decent human who would offer her plenty of care and a heart full of love.

After that, she got new ears tied! The cat seemed to be irresistible with them.

How else could she have found a home for herself merely a day after the photo was published in a fresh image? Despite her difficulties, the cat is a very friendly and gregarious cat that will offer much joy to her future home.

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