A soldier in Afghanistan who became friends with a stray cat earned enough money to bring the kitty home

This man was a military engineer who assisted in the restoration of homes. Even though he knew he was performing vital work, he nevertheless felt very lonely.

When he met this cat, everything changed.

A long time ago, he observed four kittens near the building site.

He concluded she was the only one of the litter to survive when he noticed a little red kitten in the corner of the foundation.

The man approached the infant with caution and extended his hand to her. Instead of fleeing, the cat on shaky legs approached the soldier and placed its front paw on his knee.

At that point, the man made the decision that this was his fate.

He fed the cat after bringing it to the flat. Every night, the cat slept next to him, shared a table with him, and played.

In a strange land, she became his lone soulmate. However, after he retired, he decided to return to his country.

The soldier then resolved that no matter what, he would take the cat with him.

The cat was given all of the necessary vaccines, as well as a passport and a chip, and accompanied the senior to his hometown, thousands of kilometers away from her house and wandering relatives.

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