A small dog is snatched up and dumped in mid-air by a bird, yet it survives and lands at the feet of the rescuers

We know that the hawk is a predatory bird that will pounce on the bait as soon as it is noticed. However, some animals begin to fight back, putting themselves at risk of falling prey to a predator’s claws. Then he flies away, his prey clutched in his limbs.

A woman went for a walk one day, and what should have been a routine walk evolved into an extraordinary experience. A very small animal dropped directly at her feet, and she discovered it was a dog.

And then one of the onlookers noticed the fleeing figure of a hawk, and everyone realized what had happened. People couldn’t leave the dog in such a vulnerable position, so he was taken to the vet right away.

Specialists at the veterinary clinic gave the dog the first assistance he needed. The veterinarian initially braced himself for the worst, expecting catastrophic injuries and numerous wounds. Because this is the most common occurrence following a hawk attack.

However, this dog was extremely fortunate, as it received almost no harm. The employees, on the other hand, couldn’t believe the infant, weighing only one pound and fitting neatly into the palm of their hand, had no fractures.

As a result, he was re-examined. But this dog was clearly born to survive, and it only cost him a few scratches. So, the most important thing in life is to be lucky rather than huge and strong.

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