A small black stray cat begs a woman to let her into her home so she can give birth to her kittens

When a homeless black cat, whom a woman named the cat, realized she was about to give birth to kittens, she began to visit the woman more frequently.

As a result, the animal became a resident of the woman’s home. When the cat noticed that the owner’s cat was continuously wandering in the backyard, she started coming to the woman’s house.

«They were sniffing each other, but the cat was clearly more interested in the cat than he was in her.» It was obvious that she had come to meet him, and it appeared to be really cute.»

Ida started feeding the black cat, and she soon began to appear at her door every morning, meowing. And, despite her need to eat, the cat initially rubbed on Ida’s legs before moving on to the meal.

The woman soon realized the cat was expecting a child. The animal proceeded to play with the woman and spend much more time with her.

The cat showed up earlier than usual one morning, at 5 am., and was already sitting on the threshold.

At the same time, she was meowing incessantly, which was unusual for her. The woman let her in, and she started giving delivery at 9 a.m. By arranging old blankets in the corridor, the woman was able to construct a space for the birth of cat pups.

The woman has already found homes for all four kittens, ensuring that they are in safe hands. Ida chose to keep the cat because there were no other options after they had gone through this period together.

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