A rescue horse develops a particular bond with a dog that is infatuated with riding on her back

A wonderful pair of buddies – the dog and the miniature horse – exemplify a really practical, solid bond. After settling on the ranch, the horse refused to heed the trainers.

However, as it turned out, no one was able to find a solution to the animal’s unusual character. She does, after all, freely allow the dog to ride on her.

Francesca, the rancher, trains horses for riders.

In addition to her major hobbies, she films short movies about her beloved pets, a dog and a small horse. Francesca intends to develop a whole film about the incredible interspecies friendship of animals.

Meanwhile, she effectively maintains an Instagram profile for her cats, which has thousands of followers. For the past eight years, the animals have been best buddies.

According to Carsen, it all started with a particularly strenuous workout.

She couldn’t deal with a ferocious horse. The dog stepped in to help. She leaped onto the back of the horse.

They’ve spent practically all of their time together since then.

Francesca will benefit much from their relationship. When customers lose faith in their own skills, she just shows them her dogs, and no one is left in question about their own powers.

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