A pair of seals were captured sharing a tender hug

Valentine’s Day may have passed for the time being, but love survives, and it

turns out that not only people, but even wild animals, are capable of

offering moments of pure love.

On the internet, there are several inspiring stories and heartwarming videos of animals in love. Despite this, two adorable seals were recently seen on video having the sweetest embrace!

The wonderful image was captured off the coast of the United Kingdom, and video shows the two water critters slowly embracing before sharing a kiss. All in a romantic underwater dance! The one-of-a-kind photographs were shared on social media and quickly gained popularity on the internet.

The doctor is also a wildlife lover who has spent more than two decades observing and documenting aquatic life. Ben became too devoted to the region’s seal population, despite filming dolphins, jellyfish, and other aquatic species.

He even compiled a report on the area’s seal population. It wasn’t the first time a couple of seals flaunted their affection in front of the cameras.

Unlike humans, animals do not choose who to love depending on their appearance which is awesome.

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