A former street dog who sadly lost her litter of pups has now given birth to three kittens

A group of volunteers discovered a pregnant dog near the border in July. They took the puppy to a charity shelter because they felt sorry for it. The dog could not have the puppies because they did not make it.

«The only way I can characterise her reaction is that she was enraged. She was on the lookout for her children.

She tore open the mattress she’d slept on in the hopes of discovering them.

«It was heartbreaking to witness,» says the shelter’s founder. The woman decided to help the dog after two days and brought her to the orphaned kittens.

«I brought one first and let her sniff it.» I brought the others when I discovered she didn’t mind.

It was incredible to observe how the dog calmed down almost immediately and began to care for the kittens as if they were their own.

«I don’t think the kittens realized she was a dog either,» she adds. Hundreds of thousands of people have liked photographs of a dog holding kittens.

How vital it is to have someone to look after you, whether you are a person or a dog. All of the kittens have been taken from the shelter for the time being, and the dog has moved in with one of them.

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