A family was reunited with their missing puppy thanks to a baby’s cry

The dog, Luna, bolted from the yard and vanished in an unknown way. The dog went missing on Saturday afternoon, and the entire weekend was spent looking for him.

The family sought assistance from a specialist, who did everything to help them.

They set up a trap in which they placed their garments in the hopes of luring the dog out with a familiar fragrance. None of this, however, was successful.

The owners were even concerned that the dog had strayed from its home territory and would soon need to be tracked down on the other side of the state.

Furthermore, the dog is a great victim for dog thieves because it is thoroughbred and young.

Fortunately, the camera caught a glimpse of the dog nearby.

The dog’s owner’s son-in-law and niece arrived shortly after. The shepherd was addressed by name, but she fled in terror.

Not only did the dog not answer to her name, but neither did her canine companions from a nearby yard succeed in luring her out of hiding.

The weekend passed, and the six-month-old infant sat in the truck as the rest of them walked about the region.

When the baby started fussing as they were about to depart, the aunt hoisted him higher. The infant then screamed.

A miracle occurred at that same moment. The dog took a tentative step out of her hiding spot, as if she wanted to see who was bothering her small companion.

She was apprehended, led home on a leash.

The family was reunited: the dog reverted to her previous playful puppy self, preferring to be scratched behind the ears to going about on the street alone.

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