A dog with terminal cancer is helped by family members to complete his bucket list

Stray animal control officials discovered a dog in a supermarket parking lot.

The dog did not appear to be in excellent health, so he was taken to a veterinarian facility to be examined.

The dog had testicular cancer with metastases to the prostate and abdominal cavity, which was discovered there.

Because of his senior age and advanced state of sickness, the physicians declined to operate on the dog.

As a result, the dog was placed in the house of Jenny, a seasoned volunteer.

The woman quickly recognized what a unique puppy she had received. Seeing how he appreciates everything fresh and every day, the kind woman decided to make his final days the happiest possible by fulfilling all of the dying dog’s desires.

The first item on the «bucket list» was a trip to the toy store, where the dog picked out a companion in the form of a blue octopus toy.

The dog proceeded on a variety of experiences over the following several months, including a vacation to a farm, flying a miniature skydiving plane, and participating in picture shoots.

Jenny is overjoyed and grateful to the citizens of the city for assisting her in carrying out her most wonderful ambitions. The dog saw and experienced more in only a few months with her than he had in his entire prior existence.

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